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Rick Singer
Spectacular Fit!

I have been a difficult fit for jeans, but finally found the perfect solution with Neems! I am not exaggerating when I tell you that every time I order a custom fit pair, I immediately order another one! I have every fabric and shade available now!


These jeans are incredibly comfortable and fit perfectly. As a tall guy (6'7") it is extremely difficult to find quality denim that fits the way I want it to. The measurement process is super simple and their attention to detail is next to none. Just ordered another pair in black!

Perfect fit

I am a runner and raced bikes in the past which have developed my legs to be larger than normal. I cannot go to a store and purchase jeans without buying sizes much larger than my waste size. I found neems online and tried a pair. I now own 3 pairs and will purchase all of my future jeans through neems and Dani. Perfect fit can't be beat. And customer support (Dani) is excellent.

Pedro Figueroa
I was a skeptic ...

I received these jeans today and cannot begin to express how incredible they actually are … between how perfectly they fit to how much I actually love the color of the denim itself. Admittedly, I was a skeptic that these jeans would be delivered perfectly bespoke based on the measurements that I provided, however, they really do fit me as if they were made for me by a tailor and I am beyond impressed. Not a fan of white generally speaking, however, this is more of an off-white that I know will pop with an appropriate top and based on the quality of denim it is, I have zero concerns about being able to clean them properly. For the overall cost, these jeans are an incredible bargain and as such, I plan on buying a pair of selvage next … I’m totally sold and am beyond elated about this purchase. Truth-be-told, my leap of faith in this purchase led me to literally the best pair of jeans I have ever owned when I compare them to the fit and quality of the pairs I already own. Neems jeans are clearly worth every Penny and I recommend them Emphatically. If you have the money and want a perfect pair of jeans that will fit the contours of your body, buy.these.jeans!

Perfect fitting

I was impressed with how well they fit, they really are 100% custom. I like mine more on the slim straight side and they were perfect because the Neems team asked how i like them.