General FAQs.

The Mobile Body Scanner is super easy to use! All you'll need is a smartphone. Here's how it works:

1. After placing your order, we'll send you an email with instructions on how to access the Mobile Body Scanner (no need to download another app).

2. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to properly set up your smartphone.

3. The Mobile Body Scanner will snap two photos of you to gather your body measurements. Takes ~30 seconds.

4. We'll receive your measurements data and use it to digitally design your custom-made jeans!

We safely store all of our customer data and would never. ever share it with a third party. However, we completely respect your privacy concerns. If you don't feel comfortable using the Mobile Body Scanner, it's no problem at all! You also have the option of using our step-by-step measuring videos so that you can virtually measure yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Nothing to fear, it's a normal part of life! If your jeans no longer fit perfectly, send them back to us and we'll make you a new pair (made to your new measurements) at 40% off. It's really that simple.

Important: remember to update your measurements in your profile so we can make your new perfect pair!

Currently, we can make our jeans up to a 58" waist size (approximately a 5XL). The reason we are limited is due to the width of the fabric we currently source, but we are in the process of sourcing fabric that can accommodate larger widths so no one gets left out! 

CO2 figures include the savings from avoiding shipping finished product overseas (since Neems is made in the USA) and the savings from donations to the CfRN with every pair of Neems jeans sold.

Water figures include the water savings from using our sustainable fabric with 18% Lyocell (Lyocell uses 5% of the water that Cotton uses) as well as the savings from tighter water regulations in the wash process in Los Angeles.

Waste figures include the savings from eliminating excess inventory by only producing once each pair of jeans is sold.

For more detailed information, email us at

Yes, we have successfully cloned several jeans for our customers!

Just shoot us an email at letting us know you'd like to duplicate your jeans and we'll provide our mailing address so you can send them to our team. And don't worry -we will NOT need to take apart your existing pair of jeans.

Yes, absolutely! We have done a variety of custom jean styles in the past for our customers (i.e. bell bottoms, flare) upon special request.

Just shoot us an email at letting us know the specific custom style you'd like (pictures are always helpful!), and we'll achieve your dream jean style.

Shipping policy.

All-in-all, about 2-3 weeks. That's about half the time than the standard for made-to-measure.

Each pair is uniquely crafted to your body measurements and individually inspected for quality. Once completed, they are shipped to you for free using 2-3 day shipping (if ordering within the United States). If you're ordering internationally, please select the shipping service you would like us to use.

We ship to most places in the world (sorry Antarctica). Customers ordering in the United States get free shipping on all orders. Customers ordering internationally have the option to select the shipping service they'd like.

Send us an email to with "URGENT change shipping address" in the email subject. If your jeans haven't been shipped, we will try our best to accommodate your request!

Returns and exchanges.

We're sure you're going to love your Neems jeans and the fact you'll never have to pick a size for jeans again.

Like to try things with no risk? We've got you covered. Our Neems G(wear)antee let's you try your Neems jeans for 14 days with no worries at all. If anything is not perfect, we'll fix it right away. If our jeans aren't for you, send them back and get a full refund (just pay the return shipping). We'll try to not be too sad.

Refunds will be issued 2-3 business days after we receive the returned product.

Shoot us an email at with a request for a return and we'll provide you with a return label.

Try Free Before You Buy.

The trial period begins the day your custom jeans are delivered.

We totally understand that life events can get in the way of getting to know your new custom jeans! Send a request for a 1-3 day extension to before your 10-day trial period ends.

Only 1 week - so, act fast!

Unfortunately, the Try Before You Buy Program is exclusively for U.S. customers at this time. Be on the look out for more offers for our international community soon!

Yes - only 1 pair of men's or women’s custom jeans. Only 1 order with the code per person. Of course, no limits on purchases without the code!

Shoot us an email at for a pre-paid shipping label.

We’re thrilled to offer free alterations to ensure your jeans are absolutely perfect :) Simply email to request an alteration. Note that you must keep the product if you make an alteration.