Hi! We're Dani & Andre, the founders of Neems.

We're on a mission to inspire confidence through the power of perfectly fitted jeans.

Out of pure frustration from spending countless hours in fitting rooms and never being able to find high-quality jeans that fit exactly how we wanted them to, we created Neems. We knew we could do better.

Neems jeans are made to fit you, not the other way around.

Neems jeans are fully custom-made jeans in timeless styles, ordered online and delivered straight to your door. Ethically handcrafted in Los Angeles with sustainability as our north star.

"A perfect jean that makes me feel as good about the planet as I do about wearing them."

- The LA Fashion Magazine

High-quality denim with you and our planet always in mind.

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Here's a little bit about Dani & Andre.

Unlikely Beginnings.

With Dani's background in voice & opera performance and Andre's in chemical engineering, it's safe to say we never imagined we'd end up in the denim industry.

100% Latinx-Owned.

We've always been proud to recognize our Latin roots and pay tribute to the incredible Latinos that raised us. Andre is from Mexico and Dani is from Venezuela.

Self-Born and Grown.

Since Day One, we've built Neems using all of our life savings from our previous jobs. This ensures we have full oversight into making sure Neems stays true to its mission.