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Best Pair of Jeans I've ever owned

Bottom line: The best fitting pair of jeans I've ever worn. I have a "unique" body shape :) and off-the-rack jeans are usually too baggy in the wrong places. Not with Neems! Plus, the Neems jeans have a great color and are extremely comfortable. I could not be happier!

Kyle P.

Verified Buyer


I’m so impressed. I’ve been over 6 feet tall since middle school, and have tried just about every brand that offers “tall” sizes. (32” is NOT a tall inseam in my book). I decided to splurge on fully custom jeans and I don’t know why I waited so long. These jeans are perfection. No more wasting money on $40 jeans for me.

Ali B.

Verified Buyer

Finally, pants that fit!

I really, really love these jeans! (A sentence I haven't been able to say in, oh, TEN YEARS?!) I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I found the measuring process really straightforward and the fit turned out to be PERFECT.

Susan A.

Verified Buyer