How we compare

We think it’s critical that you know exactly what goes into the clothes you buy. That’s why we’re passionate about being as transparent as possible about each cost across our supply chain (from materials to labor to shipping). We also think it's important you know the truth behind traditional retail pricing to understand how we compare to the other guys.


1. What are "Other DTC Brands"?

DTC brands sell directly to consumers either online only, or through a combination of online and their own physical stores. These brands do not sell through department stores (no "middle people"). LASSO is also a DTC brand, but what sets us apart is our lower markups (custom-made jeans for the price of off-the-rack denim).

2. What are "Traditional Retailers"?

Brands that sell through distributors such as department stores. These brands usually sell product to these distributors at a 2x markup, who then add additional markups of 2x leading to a total markup of ~4x.

3. Why is LASSO's "Cut, Sew, & Wash" cost so much higher than other brand's?

The primary reason is because each pair of Lasso's is handcrafted on a one-by-one basis since they are custom-made to you. It generally requires a lot more attention to detail and time to make individual jeans compared to making the same size 5,000 times (what other brands do). Additionally, LASSO makes all jeans in Los Angeles where labor costs are much higher than in the overseas countries that most other brands manufacture in.